Dansk Magisterforening

A versatile identity for a multi-talented organisation

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    Dansk Magisterforening

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    NGO’s & Unions

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    • Visual Identity
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    • Storytelling & Tone of Voice
    • Bespoke Type Design

Dansk Magisterforening (DM) is the Danish Association of Masters and PhDs - representing a broad spectrum of academics. Something they wished to focus on. So we listened - to DM's CEO and Chairman, to delegates of DM's congress, from employees to members, no part of DM's organisation was left unheard. The process itself was a testimony to the inclusiveness of the new DM brand. Through this close collaboration, we were able to create an identity inspired by their multitude of specialisms and strengths. A brand identity; logo, bespoke typeface, design guidelines, colours, image and illustration styles and distinct tone of voice that truly represents DM and its multitude of bright minds and opinions.

Special thanks to

Nille, Johan from Kontrapunkt.

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